Eliminating distraction

I spent the past few days eliminating Twitter, Facebook, TinyLetter, etc. from my life. For now the only way to get in touch with me is by telephone or email.

Old-fashioned I know, but for me the benefits of social media (unlimited connection) are outweighed by the costs (never ending distraction). It splits my attention and takes me away from the things that really matter: spending time with family, reading a good book, listening to the birds in the yard, writing.

I won’t be sending out any more mass e-mails. No more time scouring the bowels of the internet for something interesting to tweet about. No more Facebook or Linkedin.

I don’t mean to be anti-social. Quite the opposite. I’ll continue to blog and encourage you to share 108 Sun Salutes and the Summer Company Program and any other projects that you find interesting.

Better yet, give me a call sometime and we can talk about it.

Results for 108 Sun Salutes #7

108 Sun Salutes #7 on March 20, 2014 raised $175 for the Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Society. Way to go everyone!

This brings the grand total since September 22, 2012 to $1,550 plus assorted supplies, food and other donations. Here’s a full breakdown:

# Date Location 108’ers Donations Cause
1 Sep 22, 2012 Downtown YMCA 3 $50 YMCA Strong Kids
2 Dec 8, 2012 Garden of Breathin’ 7 Giant pile of toys MH Santa Claus Fund
3 Mar 21, 2013 Lotus Yoga Studio 18 $205 plus 140 lbs food MH and District Food Bank
4 Jul 20, 2013 Esplanade 45 $570 MH Women’s Shelter Society
5 Sep 22, 2013 Elevation Place 50 $400 Canmore flood relief efforts
6 Dec 21, 2013 Esplanade 15 $150 MH Women’s Shelter Society
7 Mar 20, 2014 Garden of Breathin’ 14 $175 MH Women’s Shelter Society

The total doesn’t include events organized by Kristen Stuart in Canmore. Her events are totally separate from mine.

Thanks to everyone who came on March 20 and also to our invaluable sponsors, Mike from Valhalla PureJade from Keylime and Farren from Garden of Breathin’. Couldn’t have done it without you.

The next 108 Sun Salutes is June 21, 2014. Save the date and watch this space for details.