Inspire a New Year’s Resolution

It’s the first day of the New Year. I wake up early and do 20 minutes of yoga — a few sun salutes, head stand, shoulder stand, plow, and wheel. I go back to bed.

I wake up again and walk the dog and eat breakfast with my mom. She leaves for home and everyone is still sleeping. I sit down with my coffee and my blog and I type “New Year’s resolution” into the search bar. I learn a thing or three.

  1. I shouldn’t talk about New Year’s resolutions. Because according to this study the act of announcing my intention gives my brain the stupid idea that it doesn’t have to finish what it started. Which makes sense, except not really, because I know that there is a study for everything. Which means that studies don’t tell me anything other than what I want to hear. So if I really want to succeed in 2013 I should just keep trying stuff to learn what works. And then, when I know what works, I should just keep doing more of that that.
  2. I should keep following the new rules of fitness for 2013. I know these rules work because I’ve been following them for years. I bike to work instead of driving to the gym and riding a stationary bike and since Twitter was invented I use #keepcycling for some extra fun and motivation. Or I do ten sun salutes in my living room whenever I have a few minutes to spare instead of driving to the gym and doing sun salutes in a yoga class.
  3. I should quit social media in 2013. Which isn’t going to happen. Not 100%. But I am going to engage mindfully and stop wasting time. Because I know that the best way to connect is always over a cup of coffee or 108 sun salutes. Like Steve Blank says, I need to get out of the room and into the world.

Then when I am finished learning I find 12 talks to inspire New Year’s resolutions on the TED blog, and I know it’s going to be awesome to watch these because it will change the way I think, which will change the way I live in 2013, for sure.

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